Growing up, I’ve been always scolded by my parents because my room was messy. It was full of clutter.

It was natural for me to just throw some of my stuff randomly on the couch. And leave things on the table until there’s no space left.

But eventually, I made a decision. I realized that I’m losing time trying to find my things. The clutter-y environment I was in made me do disorganized planning and I ended up being less productive.

So I decided, I really need to get all my stuff together and be organized FOR REAL.

So I took the leap and read all resources I can find in starting an organized lifestyle. It was hard at first but it became easier when it transformed into a habit.

This change helped me a lot with my daily life. I became more focused, more productive and more relaxed.

And you can do it too!

If you are doubting yourself, take inspiration from the following benefits I enjoyed when I started living a more organized lifestyle:

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1. It serves as a refreshing start of a new life chapter

When I committed myself to living an organized lifestyle, it felt like the start of a new chapter in my life. It’s a big change if you are like me who is used to a messy environment!

A lot of people also do this as part of their new year’s resolution whenever a new year starts. But you don’t have to wait for new year to do this. When you fully commit yourself to an organized lifestyle, you will feel that there is something new starting in your life. This will make you excited and more motivated for the big change!

2. It saves you time

Time is one of the main reasons that made me committed to an organized lifestyle. Before, I’m losing so much time trying to find something I need in a sea of clutter. But now, in just a quick glance I know where to get what I need.

3. It makes you find new things you didn’t think you had

Have you experienced buying something only to realize later that you have it already at home? Waste of money right?

When I did my big cleanup, I discovered many things I didn’t think I had. My favorite is my lutein supplement – I just bought a new bottle when I discovered another new bottle hidden in my closet and a half-empty bottle I didn’t finish yet.

There are many other things I didn’t expect I have in double. Good thing, they are consumables like lotions, soaps and vitamins.

4. It makes you feel good, and others too!

After a long day at work, isn’t it nice to come home to a clean, organized and clutter-free house? Your family will feel the same way too!

Since I started adapting an organized lifestyle, I’m always excited to go home and relax. I know I will come home to a clean and organized space of my own.

Before, I dread to come home from work as the clutter around makes me feel tired and obliged to look for another space to move my clutter.

But so far the best part I like about living an organized lifestyle is when I suddenly have unexpected visitors. I don’t need to panic and throw all my things into the closet just to make my home presentable. I feel like I’m ready for surprise visits anytime.

5. It saves you money

When you organize, you know where your things are. You are also aware of what you have.

After having an inventory of the things I have and where they are, I saved money from not buying things twice. I also became good in thinking how I can reuse something I already have so I don’t necessarily need to spend money on another thing I need.

For example, I wanted a small nightstand for my bedroom. Instead of buying a new nightstand, I re-purposed a crate we had and turned it into a rustic-inspired nightstand. I recycled and I saved money!

When I also helped my boyfriend sort and organize the ton of clutter he had at his apartment, he managed to sell the things he didn’t expect he had and he doesn’t need. By the end, he earned $900+ just from selling his clutter. Extra money!

6. It makes you become more creative and resourceful

If you are broke and you need to pay debts like me, being organized will be the start of a frugal lifestyle.

I started to become more creative and resourceful when I became more organized. It came out naturally.

When I realized that I’m saving money by reusing/re-purposing things I already have (like my crate nightstand!), I wanted to save even more. Suddenly my brain is rewired to see things with more creativity and resourcefulness.

Now I recycle as much as possible. To make my recycled things look even better, I incorporate some bits of arts and crafts to them.

And if you will notice the post cover images I use in this blog, I draw and color them manually. I use the color pencils and pens we had at home for a long time. I could have just used a drawing tablet and the Adobe Illustrator software but for now, I can’t afford them yet. So I will stick to my drawings and scanner for this blog!

7. Makes you more efficient

When my things are all organized, I felt that I started moving around our home more efficiently. In a quick glance I can quickly see where are the things I need.

Also, when I used to work full-time at home as a writer, I can’t get a good focus around my work space full of clutter.

It’s no surprise. According to this study published by The Journal of Neuroscience, your ability to focus is restricted when your surroundings are cluttered.

In general, the clutter around is perceived by the brain as multiple kinds of stimuli even if you don’t pay attention to them hence causing indirect distraction.

We may all have different reasons for starting a new milestone in our lives. If you are reading this, it’s either you are interested or you have started living a more organized lifestyle.

What’s your reason for this journey?