My boyfriend just asked me how to remove armpit odor from shirts.

Since starting his “very physical” job, he’s bothered about the undesirable odor in the armpit area of his work shirts.

He makes sure that he uses deodorant regularly. Even after washing his shirts with lots of detergent powder in hot water, he said the armpit area still smells bad.

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So I tried to handle his smelly situation! I threw all of his work shirts in the washer and set it to “hot”. I put several scoops of Nellie’s Laundry Soda which I found very good in making my laundry smell clean even though it’s unscented. I also used a good-smelling fabric softener.

But guess what? After all of that, the armpit area still stinks!

My Mom’s Trick to Remove Body Odor From Armpit Area

When I was young, I remember my mom complaining about my dad’s shirts. There was a lingering stinky smell in the armpit area no matter how many times she wash them. And even though my dad used a strong anti-antiperspirant everyday!

She tried all the cleaning hacks she knew that time:

❌  soaking clothes in white vinegar

❌ soaking clothes in hot water 

❌ scrubbing lemon on the armpit area of the shirt

❌ scrubbing baking soda on the armpit area of the shirt  

Still nothing worked.

Then she asked our neighbor if she knows an effective way on how to remove armpit odor from shirts. She learned a valuable tip from her – use an antibacterial bar soap.

Our Time-Tested Trick on How to Remove Armpit Odor from Shirts

So how to get bo smell out of polyester and other fabrics?

Remembering my mom’s struggles with my dad’s shirts before, I did what she did exactly in removing the odor.

Step 1

Turn the shirts inside out. We will be only dealing with the armpit area.

Wet the armpit area with warm water. Sometimes I also include the collar area especially during summer when we tend to sweat more.

Step 2

how to remove armpit smell quickly

Scrub an antibacterial bar soap on the armpit area. Make it bubbly and scrub thoroughly! I use my hands in scrubbing the armpit area of the shirts for around 5-10 minutes.

But which antibacterial soap to use? I found SafeGuard and Irish Spring effective for this.

Step 2

Rinse the armpit area you washed under warm running water. After that, you can load the shirts in the washer together with other clothes for regular washing.

Can This Technique Cause Color Fading of Shirts?

My boyfriend’s work shirts are all dark blue. The other shirts are cotton and the other ones are polyester. Using an antibacterial bar soap on the armpit area didn’t affect the shirt’s color. The armpit area didn’t fade out!

There are many other hacks on how to remove bad odor from clothes. However, using an antibacterial soap is the quickest, cheapest, most convenient and most effective way for me.

Do you have other hacks on how to remove armpit odor from shirts? Share them in the comments!