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Have you been looking for a legit Checkout 51 review this 2019?

After cashing out my first check from Checkout 51, here are my thoughts about this cashback app.

What is Checkout 51?

Checkout 51 is a cashback app available in US and Canada. If you buy a product that is in their promotional list, you will earn a specified cashback when you upload your receipt in the app.

cashback 51 review

The products participating are featured in the app. There are different amounts of cashback for each product. They are updating the products in the list every Thursday.

How much is the minimum payout for Checkout 51?

In total, you need to have at least $20 before you can cash out your earning in Checkout 51. They only pay by check so you need to give your address. On average, you will receive the check after 15 – 30 business days.

My experience

I started using Checkout 51 last 2017. During that time, I can’t find any Checkout 51 review so I just gave it a shot. After uploading a picture of my receipt, I normally wait 1 to 6 hours before they approve my claim. Because of that, I always had the impression that they manually verify and approve uploaded receipts.

Fast forward to 2019, I finally have enough balance to try cashing out my earnings. It took me this long because I didn’t use the app for 10 months when I broke my phone. I received a mail after one week:

checkout 51 reviews
checkout 51 proof of payment

After receiving the check I can finally say that it’s legit!

What’s New in Checkout 51

Refer a Friend Program

Currently in beta mode, Checkout 51 started the refer-a-friend program. I tried it and I earned $10 when my friend uploaded his first receipt. In return, my friend earned $5 – $1 when he signed up and four $1 for the first four receipts he earned. He had to do all of that within a month.

Do you want to try the refer-a-friend program? Click on my sign-up link below and earn an extra $5 when you upload your first receipt with Checkout 51.


When you use the sign-up button above I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Watch Ads and Earn $0.10

Once in a while, you can also find video ads in the bottom of the app. By just watching it, you can earn additional $0.10 in your account.

Final thoughts

Checkout 51 is a a good cashback app for things you will buy anyway. They easily approve receipts and referrals. However, there are two things I don’t like – you can only withdraw your earnings via check and there are limited products in their list. The products don’t change for months and it lacked variety. But it’s still helpful to use the app especially if you are also using other cashback apps at the same time.