For years, I have been looking for cheap and useful bag organizers.

My bag was always a big mess back then even with its own pockets and dividers. It takes me at least five minutes to find what I need. I have so many things in my bag that I can’t keep up organizing them while joggling work and studies.

Then I discovered the power of bag organizers!

Bag organizers are helpful in keeping bag clutter at bay. They make finding things inside your bag super easy and not like digging through a dark cave.

Here are my favorite organizers so far. I hope that you will also find them helpful in your clutter-free journey!

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Purse Organizer

This removable purse organizer is made from felt fabric. It’s available in many colors but I like the red one the most because it looks luxurious!

This organizer is sturdy but lightweight. The middle section is also removable so you can customize the arrangement of your personal belongings inside.

I love that I can just lift this organizer and transfer to another purse whenever I want a bag change for the day. It’s also fits the center console of my friend’s car so it’s definitely not only for organizing bags!

Backpack Organizer

This is similar to the purse organizer above except that it’s made for backpacks.

When going to work I prefer using a backpack. This felt organizer is great for my work backpack because it fits perfectly and shapens my lousy bag.

It’s sturdy and lightweight. It also has lots of pockets that made by backpack even more functional for school and work needs.

Bag Organizer Pouches

I found these pouches useful when I need to bring extra shirts, toiletries and snacks in my bag. I use them for day trips and vacations. Even though they are actually made for moms and their toddlers!

The front part of the pouch is made from durable and stretchy mesh fabric so it’s easy to see what’s inside. The pouches have special icon embroidery but I tend to ignore them and rely on color-coding. For example, the blue one is for toiletries, the orange one is for clean shirts and the yellow one is for snacks.

The pouches are also washable and dries quickly.

Jewelry Organizer

I work in a hospital and we are not allowed to wear jewelries for safety and infection control purposes. So when I need to go somewhere and socialize after work, I bring this jewelry organizer in my bag.

I’m a fan of artistic but inexpensive jewelries and I love variety. So this jewelry organizer is really useful for me. I just grab it before heading to work and I just choose what jewelries to wear after my shift.

Charger Bag

This is a nice compact bag for chargers and other small electronics. It fits my laptop charger and mouse perfectly.

It can also be used to keep extension cords, power banks and external hard drives.

When you are always on the go, you can just always keep your cords in this pouch and grab it quickly to stash in your bag!

Beauty Bag

I use this bag for my beauty products during short vacations and trips. It’s small but has enough space for travel-size toiletries. It also has nice space for brushes equipped with a PVC brush cover.

It’s waterproof and easy to carry. You will be surprised at how much stuff it can hold with its small and compact style!

Travel Document Organizer

This travel document organizer is handy to carry whenever I need to travel out-of-the-country. It can keep my passport, cards and boarding pass organized. It can also hold some cash and my iPhone X!

It looks like a wallet. But I have a separate wallet for cash and I like to keep my travel documents in a separate organizer like this. I also use this organizer’s key holder to attach it to my bag’s carabiner string to keep it secured.

Multipurpose Pencil Case

I have lots of art supplies for drawing and this pencil case is useful in keeping them together. It’s small and compact but you will be surprised at how much stuff it can hold.

Although it’s made for school supplies, it’s also useful in organizing toiletries. The slots for pens can be used to hold makeup brushes.

Portfolio Organizer

This stylish portfolio organizer is versatile to use. Aside from documents and folders, it also has slots for a laptop, a tablet and a phone.

I found this useful when I was still studying. I keep my printouts, notebooks, pens and laptop organized in this bag!