How to Waive CNO English Proficiency Requirement

    Do you want to waive the English proficiency requirement of CNO? All regulatory bodies require evidence to prove English proficiency by submitting a valid IELTS or CELBAN result. In Ontario, CNO can waive the English proficiency requirement as long as they will be satisfied with your documentations in proving your English communication skills.  How Does It Work? Once you have an open application with CNO, you can start doing the following: Send a request letter to waive the English proficiency requirement. Include details on how you think you have met the English proficiency requirement already like work experiences and studies done. Wait for CNO’s response to the letter. In my…

  • CNO Jurisprudence Exam

    8 Facts and Tips in Taking CNO Jurisprudence Exam

    One of the requirements to get a license to practice in Ontario is to pass the CNO Jurisprudence Exam. All provinces in Canada require this (except Quebec) so new nurses can be familiar with the legal and ethical aspects of nursing practice in a particular province.   Important Facts about the CNO Jurisprudence Exam 1. CNO will send you the eligibility to take the Jurisprudence Examination 2-4 weeks after opening your application. 2. Yardstick Measure facilitates the exam. You will receive an email from them about how to activate your account and how to schedule the exam. 3. Exam fee is CDN$40. You need to have a stable internet connection…

  • CNO application papers

    My CNO Application Timeline

    I registered my College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) application last June 2017 after receiving my NNAS report. This is when they were still responding through snail mail letters. But now, they recently announced that they will transition to online processing of application starting August 2018. It’s been a year already, take a look at the progress of my application with CNO:   CNO Application Timeline   2017 June 6 – NNAS Advisory report received, opened RN and LPN application with CNO. June 19 – Received confirmation letter from CNO stating that they received my application. Within 15 business days, they will send a letter about the status of the…

  • NNAS

    Processing my NNAS

    I started processing NNAS as soon as I arrived in Canada. At that time, I thought I will settle in Calgary so I chose CARNA as my Regulatory Body (RB). I paid for both LPN and RN application. When I moved to Québec, I thought my NNAS application will just go to waste. Then I read from an IEN forum in Facebook that the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) is one of the easiest RBs to apply to. Since Ontario is basically just beside Québec, I decided to change my RB to CNO.   How to Change RB in NNAS? I couldn’t find a link in NNAS dashboard where…

  • Life

    My First Weeks in Canada

    I arrived in Canada around mid-autumn of 2016, when everything was turning yellow.     I travelled a few times between Montreal and Calgary. I finally settled in Montreal last January 2017 because of the city’s exceptional beauty and diversity. But what I really liked the most is the convenience of transportation. With frequent schedules of buses and Metro (Montreal’s underground train), having a car is not a necessity for a single person like me. Although the rate of taxes are a bit high at around 9% + 5% compared to Alberta’s 5%, cost of living is affordable. I find the meats, fruits and vegetables cheaper here. Filipino foods are…